University Model® School

Grace Preparatory School of Stafford is part of an innovative, growing educational movement which patterns itself after a successful University-Model® School, Grace Preparatory Academy, in Arlington, TX. And if you talk with Grace Families, you’ll soon discover their extraordinary enthusiasm for the University Model, an educational alternative which combines a university type of schedule and learning techniques with parental involvement.

University-Model® education takes the best aspects of traditional public and private schools, and blends them into one. UMS (University Model® School) uses a university-style schedule adapted to the elementary, junior, and senior high levels. Professional teachers teaching in their areas of expertise conduct central classroom instruction. Elementary students attend classes on Tuesday and Thursday while secondary students go to school on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Students spend alternate days at home where parents continue their instruction or monitor student progress. Teachers provide parents with detailed instructions for days spent at home.

UMS caters to a wide variety of student needs by allowing a range of enrollment opportunities. A student may choose to take only one or two classes, or may opt to take a full academic load. Much like courses listed in a college catalog, each course description contains information about the course, prerequisites, and parental involvement for that class. Tuition is paid per course, per semester.

Though off-campus parental roles are clearly defined and required in the model, UMS should not be equated with home schooling or home schooling cooperatives. Nor should UMS be understood as traditional classroom education that has simply reduced classroom time (i.e. a Mon/Wed/Fri. classroom agenda). Its significance lies in its ability to effectively partner parents with highly qualified teachers to gain better academic results, especially among average students. This partnership is facilitated by using a university-type schedule and administrative system, while requiring a strong work ethic. The UMS model has proved to be one of the best preparations for students planning on attending college.

Full-time students who successfully complete all the requirements for graduation will be issued a diploma at graduation. Although GPS (Grace Preparatory School) cannot issue diplomas to students who are primarily schooled at home, GPS does work as a great resource for homeschoolers because they may take courses to supplement their homeschooling efforts.

For more information about UMS, contact the National Association of University-Model® Schools.