Ken Gross, Head of School
Dr. Julie Wallace, Director of the Secondary Division, Academics , and Finance
Jennifer Hanes, Assistant Director of Finance
Gay West, Director of Office Management and Personnel
Christine Green Coordinator of Curriculum and Accreditation
Kevin and Malinda Glathar, Athletic Directors
Erin Focht, Band Director


Sherry Morgan – K4
Kirsten Sadlier – Kindergarten
Ann Sullivan – 1st Grade
Sarah Bloom – 2nd Grade
Donna Simmons – 3rd Grade
Laura Claggett – 4th Grade / 5th Grade
Shanon Gross – Elementary Music


Jonathan Brooker—Senior Bible
Kelly Burchett – 6th Grade Science, 7th Grade Science
Malinda Glathar – American Government, American History, World History; Anatomy
Cheryl Gray – Biology, Chemistry
Ken Gross—Leadership and Middle School Bible
Tanya Holland – 6th Grade English, 7th Grade English, 6th Grade Math, Middle School Creative Writing
Kirsten Sadlier – Middle School and High School PE; FCA
Shannan Shaw – Earth Science and Physical Science
Pam Smith – 8th, 9th, and 12th Grade English, Middle School Girls Bible, Middle School Research Writing
Malia Wolfer – 6th and 7th Grade History and MS and HS Art