Application Process


1. Complete an Application Form

Begin with completing an Online Application. Don’t forget to forward all academic records and other information as specified in the application packet. At this time, there is a non-refundable, $25 per student application processing fee that covers our administrative costs.

2. School Admissions Family Interview

This is your opportunity to have any remaining questions answered by our School’s Administrator. We want you to feel completely confident in your schooling choice. Since we are eager to see what God has in store for you and your family, you can be sure that a school administrator will call to arrange an interview once your admission application has been processed. We know your time is valuable, and so we will contact you with the resulting decision as soon as possible.

3. Entrance Testing and Evaluation

Entrance testing is required for all new students enrolling in academic classes. We’re committed to seeing your child succeed here at Grace. For this reason, the tests are given to determine placement in the appropriate grade level. The placement tests are designed to discover the correspondence and connections between a child’s Math and English skills and our curriculum. In addition, parents will supply copies of the student’s school grade reports and/or achievement testing (within the last 2 years) prior to or at the time of testing. Please note that there is a $60 per student fee for entrance testing for all students enrolling in academic courses. Results are available immediately after testing.

4. Course Registration and High School Diploma Planning

Once entrance testing results are returned, the school’s registrar will send a registration packet and will be available to help with course registration questions. Our Academic Advisor will meet with all high school students seeking diplomas to discuss various diploma options for graduation.