Admission Requirements

Cooperation between GPS Staff, Parent Co-teachers and Students is absolutely essential if we are to fulfill our mission as educators, parents and students. In order to ensure the highest success, we’ve discovered there are some necessary building blocks. Therefore, the following form the essential components in our admission’s process:

1. Parents must sign a form stating their acknowledgement of our Statement of Faith as an expression of who we are and what will be taught in the classroom AND expressing their own personal commitment to Jesus Christ.

2. One or both parents must be born again believers in Christ, and the family must regularly attend a Bible teaching Christian church.

3. Parents and students must be willing to abide by the school’s policies and regulations as expressed in our handbook or by the Administrator.

4. Parents must be committed to providing partnership instruction in the satellite classroom on the days that the child is not attending GPS in order to provide quality education in accordance with existing law. Older students are strongly discouraged from working outside the home during daytime school hours on at-home school days.,/p>

5. Parents and students must be committed to the university-model learning experience and Christian environment of GPS. Each student must willingly adhere to GPS’s “Student Code of Conduct,” “Dress Code Policy,” and all other policies regarding student behavior.

6. Parents must be willing to use a Christian Conciliation Service to settle any disputes if they cannot be resolved at the school level.