About Grace Preparatory School

Grace Preparatory School is a fully accredited, K4-12th school that offers families a Christian, college-preparatory education in a warm, community environment that blends the best of public, private education through the cutting edge University Model Schooling (UMS).

In addition, Grace Preparatory School is a non-denominational Christian University-Model® School. GPS Ministries is incorporated in the state of Virginia as a non-profit ministry and is fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), a division of AdvancED, as well as by the National Association of University-Model® Schools (NAUMS) and the Association of Christian Schools International (ASCI).Going to School

Upon closer examination, you’ll discover what characterizes Grace’s University Model® education. You’ll get a glimpse of the heartbeat of Grace. We are, in fact, a unique private Christian school that utilizes a university-type schedule as well as a teacher-parent integrated instructional approach to produce a high level of academic achievement while enabling strong ties between parents and their children. Two proven elements of educational success — the professional classroom instruction of a teacher and the caring, highly individualized, at-home mentoring of a parent — blend as a single, unified, college-simulated program.

At Grace, teachers and parents serve together as co-educators, offering the best opportunities for educating as well as equipping students with leadership and independent learning skills necessary for success in their post secondary education as well as in the vocational marketplace!

Other proven elements of the school’s program include character education, low student/teacher ratios, hands-on learning, a strong work ethic, an effective college-preparatory curriculum, character-building student activities, and servant-minded local operation and management.